omnee world is an independent clothing brand dedicated to creating unique and high quality garments.

omnee was founded in 2021 by eban corona and is operated out of portland, oregon. we don't have any corporate cosign or funding. we design everything ourselves, create our own content, and package + ship all orders from home. we appreciate you for supporting independent projects like ours.

omnee world believes in prioritizing sustainability and ethical manufacturing. garments are created with natural high quality fabrics, incorporating organic and recycled materials whenever we can. it's our goal to reduce our environmental impact and support ethical business practices.

our manufacturing partners are carefully selected based on verified ethical standards, including certifications such as BSCI, OEKO-TEX, and Fair Trade.

each purchase contributes to reforestation efforts through partnerships with the Eden Reforestation Project, planting 1 tree per order received.

omnee packaging materials prioritize eco-friendliness, utilizing recycled plastic mailers and paper inner packaging.

we believe all clothing should be created ethically with a minimal impact to the environment. never will we support unethical manufacturing practices, or materials that cause harm to the environment, or the people that craft them.